Writing Fantasy is something you either love or don’t. Writing romance within Fantasy is what author K L Thorne does best. here is what she has to say:

From school assignments and comics detailing the antics of my younger brother’s childhood teddy bear Billy, to two semi-popular webcomics and fanfiction plotted out during late-night MSN conversations (though I fear I may be giving away my age there) I have been spinning, weaving and creating stories as long as I can remember.

My writing is a combination of everything I love the most. It’s awe-inspiring landscapes, a fantasy world in which to get lost, majick, ferocious battles and, most importantly, passionate, toe-curling, all-consuming romance.

I believe Disney has an awful lot to answer for when attempting to dissect why I am so passionate about love stories. The endless hours of watching princesses, princes and thrilling fairytales, driving home – unbeknownst to my innocent young brain – a hunger for happily ever after, meaningful connections and true love’s kiss

I fear it would be impossible to ever explain the pure, unbridled enjoyment I feel whenever I am writing a story. Currently, I find myself lost in the fantasy world of Hestaesia. Across this five-part series, we follow the tale of demon king Zelrus Dawnoaken and his half-faerie brother, Oriel, as they attempt to free their people from the tyranny of King Lazuli – with a little help from their friends. Our heroes, alongside their brave and beautiful heroines, unusual allies and some powerful majick, embark on what promises to be the war to end all wars.

What I felt as a child I still feel every bit as passionately, even as an adult. I am desperately enamoured with romance and everything it stands for.

Writing romance will always be my one true love.

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