Writing a book is not something everyone dreams of doing. But for those of us that do, it can seem a pretty daunting task. But when it’s there inside you, there sometimes is little choice but to just start. Since I started to write and publish, the questions I have been asked the most are:

  • How do you even start?
  • How do you know what to write?
  • How do you know you are good enough?

I remember at about the age of eight writing a Poem and it started like this;

“The hangman came to our Village

With his noose and his platform bare.”

Considering that was nearly fifty years ago I think it says something about the type of people authors are. That I can remember my first foray into writing something that long ago shows that there was a hidden need buried somewhere within, that meant I just needed to get my thoughts down on paper.

You start by writing what you “feel” what you want to express. Does it matter that you haven’t decided on a genre and don’t have a well-crafted plot? Well for some it might but I suspect for many it’s just something that doesn’t concern them to begin with.

As you begin to write you start to formulate a path, you understand what you are trying to say. At that point many will stop and having got the idea they will then plan out the story and write toward a goal. Some however will plough on till the words are exhausted, and then sit back.

I have heard from many people in the Industry that there are structures and rules about how you should write. Use as few words as possible, don’t use adverbs, use the Oxford comma. However, in my opinion your story is precisely that. It’s art, it’s your interpretation. Write what you want and enjoy the process.

The only Caveat to all that is make sure you have edited what you have written to check for spelling mistakes, tense and misuse of words. Other than that, “Hang” the technique I say and enjoy the process.

It’s your story. Own it.

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