“This book was recommended to me as being a book I should read because of my beliefs and experiences of a spiritual nature. It’s not one I would naturally have picked up but I’m certainly glad I did. It is a book that cleverly brings some beliefs and ancient knowledge of human history and existence into a novel with well thought out characters whom you identify with immediately and can understand what they bring to the story easily. To me , although there are no storyline similarities, it does what Dan Brown did with the Da Vinci code in that it opens the mind to some hidden truths and ideas and makes you want to understand more but having said that it you want no more than to read a very good story it will not disappoint. It leaves you wanting to read more ( which I believe is coming ) and is certainly open to being picked up as a kind of ‘Game of Thrones’ type of series Highly recommended.”

Kathryn Waldrom

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