Elji and the Galrass book 1

Firstly, I don’t read sci-fi though I do read fantasy. I would consider this novel to be a cross of both.

The prologue and beginning definitely hooked me in and I found myself quickly warming to the main character Elji and his plight. The author has been very imaginative in his thoughts and descriptions – the reader is provided with a powerful sense of place throughout. I would describe it as a very lively read – there are no ‘slow’ moments. I also liked the way in which he weaves his philosophy on humanity and its potential for good as well as evil. The story invites the reader to think about and connect with what is happening in the real world at present as well as down through time. At the end of the novel, the author has cleverly managed to allow the reader to feel satisfied with the conclusion as well as setting up the proposed sequel. I’m sure that having read book 1, you will feel compelled to continue reading the rest of the series.


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