I took the book along to read on my holidays and the book did not disappoint as I read it over a couple of days. I do enjoy fantasy novels but there is always some apprehension when starting a new series with whether you’ll like the authors style and pacing and ultimately the characters and world he’s creating.

In short, there was nothing to worry about in this regard for me as the story is paced quickly with new characters being introduced frequently throughout the book which makes it somewhat of a page turner. There are an awful lot of characters to pick up as you go and the story does frequently jump from character to character so you will need to pay attention to keep up with whose who.

The world the author creates and the themes throughout are thought provoking without being pretentious and it will give you some pause for thought at times. Overall by the end of the book I just wanted to see where the story went next with all the wonderful characters we’d been introduced to. If I had any critique it would probably be that no sooner did I finally “get” a number of the characters then the book was finished. Her’s hoping we get a sequel soon!


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